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We are excited to announce ... a brand new nail file like you've never seen before. Coming Soon! Stay tuned in. Visit often. 

Plus... Did you know that Top Notch Nail Files sells the ONLY LEGAL AND PATENTED crystal glass files in the United States, Canada and throughout  Europe?

Top Notch Nail Files has a partneship with the patent holder of the Glass Nail File. If you purchase a file from another store or website and it doesn't have the patented sticker, its not the real deal and quality isn't guaranteed. How to tell if you're buying a Top Notch file?  Our files have a purple sticker on the back with our company contact information and the patent sticker on the front like you see in the photo. Beware of those cheap imitations out there.

The patented files are stronger, longer and more durable.
We stand behind our files with a lifetime warranty.
Look for the Top Notch Nail Files sticker on the back of your files.  

Thank you to our loyal customers who have been supporting our growing business.
Can you believe its been 14 years?

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 Top Notch Nail Files is the original glass nail file company in the US and Canada. Thanks to you, our loyal customers we are going on our 14th year in business!  Top Notch Nail File's  Crystal Glass Nail Files are the #1 Top Selling Crystal Nail and Pumice Files in US and Canada and the only company with a Lifetime Warranty. 

N E W   C O L O R S   A R R I V I N G   M I D - A U G U S T  2 0 1 5 

.... and we're bringing you a nail file you've never ever seen before !

Crystal Glass nail files are extremely smooth and gentle and yet highly effective. Metal files and emery boards tear the nail as they file leaving rough, sharp edges. Crystal Glass nail files glide across the nail, sealing the tip as they file. You can quickly shape your nails to a beautiful, flawless finish.


Each year we can fill an entire stadium with all the emery boards, metal files and pumice stones that are tossed into landfills. Top Notch files are roughened crystal so they will never go dull and they are non-porous preventing fungus, mold and mildew from growing on them. They are extremely hygienic and meet all the FDA sanitation requirements. For at home care of your files, simply rinse under warm water and pat dry with a towel or toss them in the dishwasher!


German Blogger AmusedPolish raves about the customer service and nail files from Top Notch.

As seen in Real Simple!

As seen in Kiwi!



We stand behind our files! We put our nail files and pumice files through an extra hardening process which makes them 74% more durable than regular glass files. Our files endure rigid quality control check points after each step of the manufacturing process. However we understand that in life, accidents happen so if you break your file or if it ever goes dull (we know it won't) we will replace it for FREE! Just visit our warranty page.

What Customers Say About Us...

"I was so happy to find just the right files.  Our daughter-in-law collects things with flamingos on them and in another area of the family we have horse riders, etc. so as you can see I really need the horse files.  We have tried our files and find them to be excellent."  Beverly Canter

"I first purchased your files at a show in West Palm Beach several years ago and love them."
Fran Perry

 "You have THE BEST files on the market! We have tried several others but yours are the highest quality and you have great customer service."
Donna Smith

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